If you worry about not having luscious lips like in your younger age, it ends here. Lips are not only useful for aesthetic appearance but also for many other things like eating, talking, laughing, and even kissing. Hence, busy lips, over ageing, lose their collagen to become thin without volume to look out of shape. So, it affects the shape, symmetry, size, and others of your lips so that they do not have the desired attractiveness as they had at a young age. Also, a few people, because of many reasons like improper lifestyle, poor diet, sun exposure, allergies, ailments, medications, dehydration,  smoking, drinking alcohol and others, may distort their lips. It is here that the 1ml lip filler offered by the top skin clinic restores your lips to their original looks so they are luscious and plump again.


So, in this blog, let us check out the patient pathway of the best vein centre for having private varicose vein treatments, along with all you want to know about the 1 ml lip filler.


What is 1 ml lip filler?


Lips are like fingerprints and are unique for each person worldwide, being one of the top facial features to impress others with kindness and positive character traits. Also, studies confirm that lips are a hundred times more sensitive than fingertips and are vulnerable to many internal and external elements. But because of ageing or other factors mentioned above, you may lose volume, and the lips may become thin and unattractive. In this modern world, looking pleasant is not a luxury but an essential need to be happy in one’s personal life and successful in one’s professional life.


1 ml lip filler is a boon for people like you who do not have luscious lips to regain their volume and be attractive for doing many activities apart from looking gorgeous again. It not only reduces the use of lipsticks, but if not of high standards, it may even cause damage to the lips. The best skin clinic offers premium lip fillers like Volift, Juvederm Smile, etc., suitable for augmenting not only the lips but also the perioral area. Injected using tiny needles, these smooth lip fillers provide plump lips naturally.


What are the benefits of having 1 ml lip filler from the top skin clinic?

From the age of 20, all people, irrespective of gender and other factors, lose collagen by 1% every year. And with collagen being responsible for being luscious like that shining skin, it is inevitable for your lips to lose volume and become thin. Apart from that, many other factors cause your lips to become thinner in the fast world. It is more noticeable in the “Cupid’s Bow” or the V-shaped part below the nose for many like you to worry about it and also lose confidence. Hence, visiting the best skin clinic to have the 1 ml lip filler will provide many benefits. It includes looking young and gorgeous again with augmented lips that are full and luscious. Also, the best clinic uses high-quality fillers that are incredibly smooth and add volume to the lips so they do not look thin anymore. And with their fillers, having lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, makes the treatment painless and comfortable, and the results will last longer, even up to a year.


What is the patient pathway for the best private varicose vein treatment?


Varicose veins are swollen blood vessels that twist and turn to look large and are raised to see through the skin. It will not only look unpleasant but also cause many discomforts and pain because of blood ulcers, clots, inflammation and a condition called thrombophlebitis. There are many reasons for the weakening of the blood vessels or the formation of faulty valves that cause varicose veins.The top vein centre offers an excellent patient pathway for the best private varicose vein treatment in the following stages.


  1. The first stage is consulting with the expert vascular surgeon to explore the medical history and leg examinations, including a duplex ultrasound scan to identify the vein problems and recommend a customisedtreatment plan.
  2. Treatment is the second stage using VenaSeal or Radiofrequency ablation along with performing foam sclerotherapy or phlebectomy.
  3. Follow-up is the third stage to check for any rare further treatments to the remaining varicose veins.
  4. The last and fourth stage is a cosmetic treatment for any thread or spider veins using ThermaVein or micro sclerotherapy.


The above facts about the 1 ml lip filler will end your worries about having thin lips and having luscious lips again, along with the right patient pathway of the top skin clinic for the private varicose vein treatment for your legs to look normal without any issues.